Free Books and Workbooks

Addiction is not cured by a pill. Addiction is a behavior problem … and to treat or manage your addiction … you have to understand and change your behavior.

Download these free work books to help you through the process. Working through one chapter a week is definitely do-able and very rewarding.

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Download or order books for free. Most books are for professionals. If you are a patient, then look for books meant for clients or participants.

Some of the good ones are:

The Next Step

Start with this one. An excellent book for substance abuse, simple language, easy to understand and follow.

Anger Management

Even though it talks about anger management … this one is useful for everyone … whether we have addiction or not … we all have anger. Very good to download and work through … easy to print too, just avoid the front and back cover. If in stock can be ordered for free.

Stimulant Use Disorder

A very good work book. Good to download … but not good to print, will eat up all your toner. This book is very popular and useful … has been out of stock at SAMHSA site. How does a pdf go out of stock? Though it talks of stimulant use disorder … it can be equally well applied to opioid addiction.

Stimulant Use Disorders: Client’s Treatment Companion

This is a short workbook … not educational … something that you will write down in … and take it to your counselor.

Substance Abuse/Brain Injury Client Workbook

An excellent book from that is relevant to substance abuse, as well as traumatic brain injury. Easy to understand and follow, very good to download … but not good to print.

Wellness Self Management – 2010

A general purpose self help workbook for mental health, produced by New York State Office of Mental Health, the latest edition is from 2010.. Lacks color but is excellent … and because it is low on graphics, it is easy to print.

Relapse Prevention Plan

An excellent book with attractive layout available for free download in pdf format from

A guide to recovery and healing

An excellent book, from the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. It is available as pdf in several languages, and as mp3 files in english and spanish.

What is substance abuse treatment

A booklet for families explaining substance abuse treatment … by

Family Therapy can help

A booklet explaining how other members of the family should seek inclusion in therapy, and help with the therapy … by

Medication-Assisted Treatment

An eBook for Parents and caregivers, who are seeking treatment for their teenagers and young adults, by Partnership for drug-free kids.

General Health Books

The following websites are funded by US Government. Most of these can be downloaded in .pdf format and some can also be ordered for free. Many titles are available in languages other than English.

Life Time Good Health

A book by Office on Women’s Health,

Down Home Healthy Cooking

Recipes and tips for healthy cooking by National Cancer Institute

NIH website

Several books on the the NIH website

National Institute on Aging website

Several free books on the the NIA website.The one on exercise and physical activity is very good.

Go4Life website

Tips in exercises with downloadable tip sheets. A handy simple exercise book is workout-to-go. The link was not downloading, however a google search may brings up a .pdf.

Medication guides





Naltrexone – Revia

Vivitrol Injection

Discount coupons

Download discount coupons, find doctors, and access useful educational resources from the manufacturer’s website … strongly recommended by the manufacturer.


These websites provide information about different aspects of addiction and treatment, … and some have discussion forums.

Christ Centered Recovery Programs

These websites provide Christ based / Bible based recovery programs.

The National Association for Christian Recovery

Faith Home Inc

Additional links

Educational videos and slideshows

Addiction in a nutshell

A 5 minute video describing factors that will help in recovery.

HBO: Addiction

Information and educational segments on addiction.

TED talk by Marc Lewis

A scientist and former addict talks about addiction. This page also has additional links to more video talks on addiction.