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Suboxone Resources

Finding a Doctor and have doctor finder on their sites ... you can search for doctors by zip code. Your insurance carrier may list doctors in your network on their web site, or you can get their names and phone numbers by calling their customer service.

Doctors are provided a waiver by DEA to write Suboxone prescriptions under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000. This was enacted to make drug addiction treatment available more easily through community based physicians ... physicians of any speciality.  However many insurance carriers still do not pay for these services unless the treatment is provided by psychiatrists, or approved addiction treatment facilities.

Doctors are restricted to 30 active patients in their first year of waiver which is then increased to 100 active patients in subsequent years.  Just because your doctor has received the waiver, and is listed, does not mean that they are accepting new patients.  Some, like me, do not accept insured patients, as I do not meet the criteria of your insurance carrier to be a Suboxone provider, or that they have not disclosed the criteria, or have not disclosed their policies, or have not disclosed their reimbursement rates. 

Many providers do not accept insurance because such benefits are limited, and you may have already exhausted your benefits ... and even when your insurance does preauthorize, they add the disclaimer ... that preauthorization is not a guarantee of eligibility ... or payment for services.

You will still run into problems getting Suboxone and may have to jump through hoops, as it has acquired "Street value" ... prized by addicts ... to get over those times when they are unable to get their usual fix.  Doctors try to weed out such patients who are not serious about getting treated ... and insurance/prescription plans limit the benefits to a limited duration.

You can explore the following websites for additional information:

Buprenorphine on Wikipedia excellent site, providing non-commercial and un-politicized information, with links ... if you want to really get a PhD in Buprenorphine.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  A lot of information, "your tax dollars at work", promises a lot ... delivers very little, mostly they sing songs about themselves, tons of useless literature ... written by many committees, links, links, and more links ... but the site is well designed and attractive. It has a doctor finder in it.
An excellent site "strongly recommended by the manufacturer" providing essential educational information and a Doctor finder.  It has a "Here to help program" which is a good starting point for your therapy.

http://naabt.orgNational Alliance Of Advocates For Buprenorphine Treatment, a not-for profit organization.
It has a physician finder, a forum, and online educational resources. Probably the best site with practical and useful information.

It has the best way for looking for a provider. You can enter your information, the providers in your area are notified and they reply to your posting. This filters providers who are willing to accept you.

Web Forums
You can read the uncensored stuff, people discussing their real experiences, search for terms like suboxone forum, buprenorphine treatment, addiction treatment, opioid addiction, etc.

Substance abuse treatment facility locator:
This site will help you locate facilities nearby based on state, cities or zip code.  These facilities are more likely to accept insurance. Addiction treatment facilities provide inpatient/residential treatment. Some may provide outpatient intensive treatment, and Suboxone therapy.

After some experience in dealing with insurance,  I no longer accept Medicare, or Tenncare, or any insured patients for Suboxone therapy. They do not have any clear policy on coverage.

Medicare does not cover it.  If it is provided by a psychiatrist as a mental health service then it may be covered under dual diagnosis. Medicare does not pay for your prescriptions, ... that is paid by your prescription plan, ask them if they cover it, and what are the conditions for coverage.

Tenncare/Medicaid Tennessee does not have any published policy regarding office based Suboxone therapy.  The Tenncare prescription plan contracted through SXC does cover Suboxone with quantity, and duration limits.  It requires preauthorization and requires registration with addiction counselor.   I do not provide that service.

My self-pay plans are for uninsured patients only.  If you have insurance, then you must seek a provider in your network. I will not provide any assistance for filing claims or getting your medications pre-authorized.

Additional information